Reciprocity Project

MidWest, a community enterprise in Amsterdam, is hosting my solo exhibition to collect funds in this time of hardship for Ukrainian people.

This exhibition features my original work from the Diversity collection (2017-2022) and posters of my architectural drawings from the Kyiv Modernism series (2020).

Lena, a longtime friend of mine, has initiated this exhibition with support of the MidWest team. Here is explanation of our idea behind this project.

Ukraine receives tremendous support from all over the world these days. My idea was to give a part of Ukraine in return – as a form of reciprocity [wederkerigheid – взаимность – взаємність] – through my artworks. The war is horrific and incomprehensible, yet amazing things still arise such as compassion, solidarity and participation.

By buying my works, you will not only help me but also donate to others in need. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to the volunteers in Ukraine whom I personally know who help refugees. Read here our Reciprocity stories.

If you wish to buy my works, please place your order in my shop or send a message.

If you are in Amsterdam, drop by MidWest café (Cabralstraat 1) where Lena works each Thursday from 12:00 till 17:30.


In my Shop you will find the works that are available for sale. Most of them can be printed on demand. Contact me for options.


Interested in my works or collaboration?
Drop me a message via the form or mail me.

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